User friendly, quick setup and easy to navigate

Enhance your Salesforce usability, automate business processes and increase employee delight.

  • Assign any Object

RepBlaze supports all standard and custom objects within Salesforce and you can leverage across sales, customer support, client services, and other such departments to automate business processes.

  • Multiple Teams

RepBlaze gives you the flexibility to create and manage different teams based on regions, functions, business units, product lines, etc. to maintain a team-wise database.

  • Multiple Time Zones

​​Working across the globe? No problem! Configure multiple time zones and customize standard working hours at a team/individual member level to assign leads accordingly.​

  • Assignment Analytics

RepBlaze assignment analytics compiles a summary view of all lead assignments and generates team-wise, engine-wise, and individual member-wise analytics reports.

  • Easy Setup and Navigation

RepBlaze has a user-friendly UI and is easy to navigate, which allows users to easily install and configure the application according to their business processes.

  • Complete Transparency

RepBlaze ensures 100% transparency at all times, all leads assigned to users over a period of time, their response rate and reassignment metrics ensures that the team’s performance is transparent.

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