Unified Platform

An Extension to your Salesforce CRM

RepBlaze is a 100% native on Salesforce and is a plug-n-play application that functions as an extension to your CRM.

  • Entirely Built on Salesforce Platform

RepBlaze aligns with the existing security settings and sharing rules created within Salesforce. Hence, all your data is stored on a robust and secure platform and, RepBlaze is active in coordination with your Salesforce org.

  • Salesforce Classic & Lightning Compatible

RepBlaze is designed to be compatible with all instances of Salesforce, both Classic and modern Lightning framework.

  • RepBlaze Widget

If enabled, RepBlaze Widget allows team members to Login/Logout for their availability and Pull leads to work on, one at a time. If a member is a part of multiple teams, he can choose & prioritize his availability across teams.

  • RepBlaze Assistant

RepBlaze Assistant is a platform for you to broadcast all information, errors, and warning. Avoid all the hassles of navigating back and forth or refreshing pages to view the latest assignments or alerts. Also, prioritize tasks and update notification status.

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