Routing Engines

Engines that route leads smartly

Routing engines automates the distribution of your data by defining the source and the destination of data distribution.

  • Queue to Team Members Engine

This engine automates data distribution from multiple queues to team members. This feature is best leveraged by businesses across local & global locations, various business units, diverse product line, and range of services, etc.

  • User to Team Members Engine

This engine automates data distribution from a user to a team member, e.g. all leads will flow through a managerial/ team lead user profile before distribution, to give them complete control and visibility of the lead performance.

  • Push Engine

Push engines have been designed to empower the managers. At times businesses deal with sensitive accounts, escalations or some new business units which they can entrust to particular reps only. In this case, the managers can manually intervene and push data from one user to another user/s.

  • Pull Engine (Queue to Team Members)

This engine distributes data from queue to member, but only when members manually pull leads next in the queue. In this case, managers can ensure that the reps work on one lead at a time before they move onto the next. The reps also get the flexibility of working at their convenience.

  • Pull Engine (User to Team Members)

This engine works similar to the previous one, the only difference here is that the engine distributes the data from a user to member.

  • To Queues Engine

This engine doesn’t have any data source option, all leads from queues and team members will be picked and distributed to defined queues. This feature is leveraged to archive junk or old leads, split data in multiple queues, etc.

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