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The Story of RepBlaze

Our co-founder Gaurav Sengupta, in his years of being a Sales Professional for over a decade, came across a few common challenges.

Well, like most of the managers, he resorted to manually handling lead distribution and ended up spending more time to finish off his daily activities.The manual lead allocation task and corresponding follow up from the sales team occupied a lot of his time and energy.The lack of quick access to the facts and figures for his team, in spite of using a CRM, prevented him from implementing growth strategies.

To his surprise, similar challenges were also shared by sales leaders in his network. Therefore, with a popular demand and need for such a solution, RepBlaze was born.

RepBlaze Differentiators

RepBlaze is a feature packed tool, 100% native to Salesforce.

Reassignment on failed or no action

RepBlaze is tool that is an unique blend of Automation, smart algorithms, custom filters, and rules dealing with volumes of records. This allows the leads or cases to get reassigned to the source Queue or User when no action or follow up is taken for a certain amount of time.

Lightning UI and Utility Bar

RepBlaze is compatible with Lightning Framework and offers two functionalities through Utility Bar: 1. RepBlaze Assistant, to give assignment notifications, alerts, warnings and Broadcast messages to Team members and 2. RepBlaze Widget, to Login/Logout and Pull Leads when a Team member can take up new tasks.

Leave Management

RepBlaze has an inbuilt leave management system, that allows representatives to log their leaves in the system and notify their managers about availability. On approval of the leave from the manager, RepBlaze ensures that there are no assignments or leads assigned to the employee on that day.

Developed to enhance sales and service operations, RepBlaze has over 35+ features and easily configurable settings to meet your business needs. Remove all the clutter from your sales and support teams to promote productivity by automatically assigning leads in order of priority.

Core Values

Putting “Companion” back in the “Company”

Trust and Transparency

Trust is the first principle of our business. And we give our clients complete transparency on their engagements through our collaboration platform.

Entreprenuerial Mindset

Our management has a mindset of establishing entrepreneurs within the organisation. Hence the platform to hone their best qualities to come up with unique solutions and see them through.

Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

We dedicate our work to solving critical business challenges and design unique solutions, keeping in mind the disruption that businesses need today.

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