Improve product adoption for manufacturers

Increase conversion rates and engage customers without delay.

Increase your product sales, cross-sales & service revenue.

Manufacturing industry is under intense pressure to increase production margins, deliver projects on time, maximize labor productivity, and control operational costs while maintaining growth. RepBlaze understands the complexities and challenges involved in the manufacturing industry. We offer the best processes and the most suitable methods to help companies overcome challenges.

Import Leads From Trade Shows

Leads uploaded from sources, such as trade shows, web, marketing campaigns, can be automatically assigned based on geographical territories, assigning leads to your manufactures reps, all before your morning coffee break.

Identify and act upon cross-sell opportunities

Identify cross-selling opportunities with lead-to-account matching feature automatically. e.g. a sales rep who sold a machine to the customer has a better chance of closing customer inquiry about spare parts and insurance.

Real Time Reporting

Administrators, sales managers, and senior leadership can build reports on-demand with just a few clicks. These reports can be filtered at a lead source, region, product portfolio level, etc. to identify better performing sources and take corrective actions for the rest.

In a world of endless product choices, manufacturers must stay relevant and meet customer needs. You can’t let a single lead fall through the cracks and RepBlaze's queue-based lead routing gives you the shortest distance between a lead and the sale. Thus, every rep calls the leads that are closest to the money.

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