Lead-to-Account Matching

Uncover lead-to-account connections in Salesforce

The key differentiating feature of RepBlaze against all other the lead routing applications is the lead-to-account matching and mapping. Leverage this feature to map incoming new leads with their respective accounts and assign it to the existing account executives for your key accounts. This way , the account executives will keep the ongoing ownership of their accounts and further strengthen the customer relationship to cross-sell/ up-selling.

  • Multiple Queues

Configure multiple queues for lead matching and expand this functionality across your business. 

  • Filter at Multiple Levels

Define the data filter logic according to your business needs with a flexibility to add AND/OR filter logic.

  • Match Lead Email with Account Website

Domain matching criteria to best map leads to account and ensure efficient assignments.

  • Account Matching Criteria at Multiple Level

Along with domain match add multiple levels of matching criteria to optimize lead-to-account mapping.

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