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Increase conversion rates and engage customers without delays.

RepBlaze is a financial aid accelerator for customers in need

It’s a well-known fact in that almost 8/10 leads aren’t converted into a sale. For the financial services sector, this fact means that everyone from sales representatives to loan officers needs to work extremely hard and deliver a top-notch, customer-centered experience to convert leads into a sale. Leverage RepBlaze to boost the conversion rates of your sales department.


Distribute leads among your sales reps– based on different criteria of your choosing – including agent availability, past performance, insurance product specialty, location, simply in a round-robin fashion, or any other criteria important to you.

Lending Services

Distribute inquiries and applications automatically to your sales reps, underwriters, fraud control, verification based on criteria like – loan type, location, agent availability, performance, application status and more.


Account mapping to match leads to accounts and assign them to the agent already handling that particular account. These agents have a better chance of understanding the prospect requirement and offering relevant offers to close the customer.

Only by using the lead management tools like RepBlaze, designed to meet the needs of the financial services sector, can organizations match the expectations of consumers, who want to engage within seconds of first contact.

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