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Our licensing model is of Per user/per month. 

RepBlaze supports the Professional (Sales and Service), Enterprise (Sales and Service) and Unlimited (Sales and Service) Salesforce editions. 

You would need the below licences, 

  • Admin: This provides complete access to the app i.e. to all tabs and all permissions to custom objects and Visualforce pages.
  • Manager: This provides complete access to the app except for the Settings tab. This permission set does not give the ability to start and stop the application, it is only available in RepBlaze Admin permission set.
  • User: This provides basic level of access designed for Reps / Agents who are receiving Leads / Cases. This Permission set provides access only to the ‘My Leaves’ tab, ‘RepBlaze Assistant’ and ‘Widget’.

No, all licences are priced equally irrespective of the type of licence. 

You can manage RepBlaze access by assigning Permission Sets to your Users.

  • Go to > Setup, then in the Quick Find / Search type “Permission Sets”


  • Administration Setup > Manage Users > Permission Sets
  • Select the Permission set from above mentioned sets and click on Manage Assignment > Add/remove user.

Yes. We offer discounts depending on the number of licences you need. Just let us know how many licences you need.

Yes. We provide free support with expected response time within 24 hours.

Yes. RepBlaze is very easy to setup for a Salesforce Admin. However, we are always available to help or provide support to help you get up and running quickly.

No. Only for the users (Admin, Manager and User) viewing RepBlaze would need licences.

No. RepBlaze Teams would work when you add licensed users to the team. For that, you would need to buy RepBlaze licences for them, regardless of whether or not you choose to make the application visible to them.

Yes, you can add additional users. 

The extra licenses  are activated within 1 business day of request and then followed up with the invoice.

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