Complete Automation

Performance improvement with process automation

RepBlaze addresses the challenge of time management with intelligent and end-to-end automation. Leverage RepBlaze to gain a competitive advantage and eliminate the assignment of manual tasks, follow-ups, and updates.

  • Assignment Filtering and Ordering

RepBlaze automation filters the most relevant data and prioritize important work assignments. Now, your team can work on the most qualified data first and efficiently contribute to business growth.

  • Criteria and Skill Based Assignment

RepBlaze automation defines criteria based data filter to narrow the scope of work assigned based on the skill set for each team member. Be rest assured, RepBlaze will assign leads to the most qualified and matched member at the right time.

  • Reassignment on Failed or No Action

RepBlaze automates reassignment back to the queues/ user/source in situations where the team members fail to take any action on the assigned leads or update lead status within a defined time limit.

  • Tags Management

RepBlaze allows you to pre-define custom tags like language fluency, country, skills. Once the tags are defined and attached to the members, RepBlaze automates lead assignment; matched with the member’s skill set.

  • Capping and Weighting

RepBlaze Capping limits the number of leads assigned  and RepBlaze Weighting adjusts the percentage of the total leads assigned to teams/ individuals. Managers can optimize the volume of lead assignments based on certain criteria like industry experience, the complexity of work, product knowledge, etc.

  • Leave Management

RepBlaze has an inbuilt leave management system, that allows the members to apply for leaves and notify their availability to the managers. Once approved, no leads are assigned to members that day. In their absence, members can also re-route leads to their peers, which needs managers’ approval.

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