Assignment Algorithms

Algorithms that work your way

These algorithms define the lead distribution pattern.

  • Round Robin Assignment Algorithm

This algorithm works on equal distribution of leads in a circular pattern, wherein the algorithm assigns a number to each lead and the distribution is done in a circular pattern. It is a popular and favored algorithm.

  • Smart Match Assignment Algorithm

This algorithm distributes leads based on the leads mapped by other Salesforce objects. You can define exact criteria and attributes according to which you choose to distribute lead across or within the teams.

  • Sticky Assignment Algorithm

This algorithm distributes leads in a round robin way and at the same time considers pre-defined sticky criteria. If you deal with volume of leads from enterprises, region, or any other preferred criteria, reps are assigned similar leads for a defined duration to save time on account research, etc.

  • Equal Assignment

This algorithm distributes leads equally within the round robin random way, even if someone is unavailable for a couple of hours. The objective is to give an equal opportunity to promote healthy competition in the team.

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